How much feed a day for 6 ducks?

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    Nov 24, 2008
    YourLinkGoesHere I have 6 ducks 1 is a white crested female, 1 a white layer female,2 are mallard females and 2 boys both mallard..All grown..I buy pellet type feed from the tractor supply store,only store anywhere that sells duck food since I live in the city..I buy 50lb bags,they eat like 6 to 8 cups a day? Is that right..The 2 white females are big!They lay an egg everyday too..The female mallards have not layed since I have had them! The boy mallards are really big too..Bigger than I thought a mallard would be..The mallard girls are little..almost look like babies compaired to the others!Thanks

    They dig through the yard all day but dont know how much they find! I buy night crawlers at the store also..I give them 24 a day they share but the 2 little mallard girls wont eat them..The 4 others go crazy for them!
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    It somewhat depends on the size duck, available forage and season of the year. Mine eat about 12 oz on average per day per duck but they have forage and treats to add to that. Winter means a need for extra body heat so a mix of duck food and cracked corn can help and cuts costs in cold climes. As a rule of thumb give them what they can eat in 10 minutes a couple times a day.

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