How much feed from hatch to 8 wks??

Thanks Mibotsu. Ted, I would think by spring you will be out selling me
, let me know if you need anything and good luck.
I wouldn't think anyone could answer this question.I used the feeders that the birds can't get into (the trays with the cut outs for just their head to get into)and scratch the feed out,but they still do.I cleaned my pens weekly and I think I threw out more feed then they ate.I always have feed available,never letting the tray be empty.
I have a question on the 1.6 oz per bird.First of all 1.6 oz per week is a very small amount of feed for a week.Was the 1 bird fed by himself?Or with a colony?In my opionion,a single bird in the pen will not eat as much as a bird from a colony.Does this amount of feed all he has to eat?Or is it fed treats as well?
In N.H.,Tony.
I have to agree with Tony.

I have two cages with the same amount of birds (hens and roos) in each cage. Exact same feeders, waterers, locations etc. One cage wastes twice as much feed as the other cage. My 25 birds can go through a 50 lb bag of feed in about 2 weeks. Most of it wasted.
Yeah you really have to do one of two things, you have to feed them a little bit a few times a day or you have to buy or build a feeder that cuts down on waste. I feed my chickens with a 5 gallon feeder and they eat quite a bit and rarely waste any food but a cage with 4 quail will waste an entire feeder full of food in a day lol

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