How much feed will I need??


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Mar 10, 2010
We have ordered our first chicks. We almost have our coop ready. We will have our brooder ready this week. My question is we will go get feed monthly. Tractor Supply is more than an hour away. I think we understand that we feed chick starter for 6 weeks then chick grower till they are 20 weeks. We are getting 11 BLACK AUSTRALORP Females, 2 BLACK AUSTRALORP Males , 11 SILVER LACED WYANDOTTE Females , 2 SILVER LACED WYANDOTTE Males , and 1 Free Rare Exotic Chick. They will be here the week of April 5th. So how much chick starter will last them about a month??
Goodness, it's hard to remember from just 10 months ago! (Senior moments already..oh, no!) At 10 months, my 13 girls will go through a 50# bag in 3 weeks or so. (They are currently coop-bound till repairs are made to the run). As babies, I believe the crumbles lasted a month or so. For your first month, I'd go ahead and buy 2 bags (50#)...You'll be using it for a while and you do have 25 chicks. You'll get a feel for it as you go along.

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