How much food to give a hen?


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Jul 16, 2011
Roughly how many Kg's of feed should one large Sussex hen be getting a day? I have 5 hens all together and I want to make sure they are all getting the right amount per day
I free feed and have their food available. My hubby made a fabulous automatic feeder out of wood that another BYC designed and it holds over 50#'s of feed. I give treats of cracked corn, sunflower seeds and oats 1-2 times daily. I also feed veggies and fruit occasionally.
This is a good point that I didn't mention in my first post. Layers in general won't overeat when given layer pellets etc.
They will lay better for you if they don't run out of food...if free ranging some folks do throw food out a couple of times a day.

If they are penned in a run and cannot forage, it is good to make sure they never run out.
I have food down 24/7 for them....they also have access all day to my garden which is enclosed and covered its 12 x 45ft. And i give them snacks a couple times a day..usually oats or old cereal or cut up tomatoes.

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