How much for a pair of button quail?

It really depends on your area. Here in KY, I couldn't give them away, but I sold some in IN last fall for $10 a pair. I've seen some that sell (or try), on eggbid and such, for $10 just for males. There would be no way I could get that here! There is a site online called, the listings can be general or by state. You can post sale or want ads there, I would try that and see if you get any hits there.
Oh, I have another quick question for ya: I have a big plastic box that has a lid that opens up, it's pretty big and I was wondering if I could keep a pair of buttons in there? Would it be big enough? Also what do I feed them and what about water? How often do they go broody and what ever else I need to know about buttons! Thanks.
Any top opening type container is just asking for an escapee.
Buttons have a Flight Fright behavior and their escape method is straight up.
They are best housed in a cage with a small front opening door.
Buttons don't do well on wire bottoms. Their tiny feet are not comfortable on wire
so a floor of wood shavings is best.
Buttons need ideal condition to incubate their own eggs and seldom do. Your much
better off incubating their eggs but don't do like I did and go crazy incubating. They grow
quickly and you end up with 60+ Button quail. Lol

If the box opens on the top I would advise you to look for a cage with a front opening door.....
When you say you need to find a place that sells them do you mean for you to buy your first breeding pair or someone to sell offspring to?

At the auction I go to Button Quail sell from .50 to $1 each and they are in containers of 5 to 20 each.
Many people who have pigeons or doves use them as cleaner birds they put them on the floor of the pigeon/dove loft to eat the spilled feed.

I was there Saturday and 10 blue buttons sold for .50 each they were really cute.

I was kinda
at the $10 pair I can get them for free
Aw man!!! I can't seem to find any hatcheries in Texas that hatch button quail chicks. If I had a broody hen, I might could buy some hatching eggs to put under her but I don't have one at the moment.

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