How much have you ever paid for chickens?


11 Years
Jan 3, 2009
Way Over Yonder, GA
We went to buy some game chicks for free range yesterday, and at the farm we went to the gentleman that was selling them had $250-300 roosters!!! A piece! I was shocked! I have never paid more than $3!!
Have any of you paid alot for pure bred show birds or anything for that matter?
My two dollar a piece chickens are the greatest!
I have paid $3 a chick in the past for "Feed store brand" chickens. My current flock was free ( one hen, one rooster...all bred from that)

I just paid $2 per egg for BCMs.

IDK about paying the money you are talking about.....that's more than a month's house payment for me!!

If that's what you do, and you have that kind of money, I say there is only one life to live...induldge a little.

I couldn't do it though.
I can't say I understand it. Thus far my most expensive chicken will be one that is still in the bator. Only 1 of 6 is developing and I spent $25 on the eggs.

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