How much is $43 Trillion... with a "T"

Anyone can file a lawsuit...this isn't anything real.

I also think this is at least the second time you've tried to get people riled up over this non-issue. Remember, your history can be looked up.
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A 43 with twelve zeros behind it
43,000,000,000,000 that's a lot of $1 bills

it would by a lot of feed to supply the stuff that gets slung around by the air circulating unit, for sure,LOL

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Fowl Odor....since by your name you seem to know something about what stinks I would have thought that you could figure out that the entire story is a scam. Did you ever wonder at all why a lawsuit of this magnitude has not even been reported by any legitimate news source. The whole thing is a sick joke started by a former attorney who has been disbarred because he is a crook. The so called law firm that started this joke is something called the Spire Law Firm which, in reality, is nothing but a cover for this disbarred attorney. Good luck to you and we are looking forward to your next cock a mamy story.
Cute: Only link out of article `43 trillion' delivers ads for `refi's'.

Bottom feeding `click-through' income `artiste'
CNBC did not report it; they did not "run" the story. It is simply press release. This is easy to see when you look at both the copyright on the bottom and the lead line on the top. It is not CNBC reporting anything. Additionally, the wording is exactly the same as the website.

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