How much is too much sunflower seeds/heads?


12 Years
Oct 22, 2007
Wellsville, UT
I would like to grow sunflowers this year to supplement my feeding in the winter. My thoughts were to save the heads and toss a whole head to the girls in the bad weather. During the spring, summer and fall they mostly get layer feed and the free range all day. Is a head every day or every other day too much to feed them? I'm also intending on growing other things to feed but I'm trying to get a good idea of how many to grow and how much to feed. I intend on growing sunspots and mamoths. I plan on storing them in 50 gallon drums in the barn once they are dried so they'll keep nice through the winter.

They striped seeds are okay right even tho they aren't black oil? I can't even find black oil seeds just the regular ones...
If you look in the pet section, you might have luck with the blacks. I have found them for birds and other small animals, and they are usually raw, so you might be able to grow them.

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