How much ivermectin paste should I use?

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6 Years
Sep 13, 2013
Upstate South Carolina
This past week I purchased a silkie roo. I noticed he was very thin when I brought him home, but otherwise lively and he is acting fine. Well i happened to see him poop and there was a round worm in it. I have already exposed him to my other chickens, so now I'm going to treat them all for worms. I bought a tube of Ivermectin Paste Dewormer - 6.08g dose @ 1.87%
by AgiLabs on amazon. This is what I have on hand so I am going to use it. BUT, how much should I use!?! And should I retreat after the first treatment or will it get all of the worms the first time?

hope someone can help me.
1 8 month old silkie roo
5 2 1/2 month old pullets
1 22 week old black sex link

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