How much niocin do I give 1 wk old duck? And how?


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Mar 23, 2018
I have a one week old yellow Pekin whos currently dying from splay leg. I'm getting him the niocin now but I need to know how much for just him, and how do I give it to him? Just break it into his water?
Niacin is a b-vitamin. Almost all B-vitamins are water-soluble. If you eat too much of it, it simply comes out the other end, so you don't really have to worry about overdosage. I'm unsure as to what form you have, but if it's a tablet, just crush it and add it to his water.

If it says no-flush, return it and get a new bottle. It doesn't have nicotinic acid in it, but a different form of B3.

Hope he feels better soon, and welcome to BYC!

EDT: You can overdose niacin, but it's really hard. It has to be 20x the needs of the bird to even begin to have an effect. (needs are 55 mg/kg, according to the Metzer Site)

And the reason I said not to use flush-free is because everyone says not to use it, including Metzer's nutritionists. Not because anyone's done a study that says it's completely ineffective, but because no one's done a study that says it's effective, if that makes sense. It's safest just to use regular B3, if you can source a bottle. Of course, in an emergency...
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