How much safeguard horse wormer do i give my peafowl??


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Jan 24, 2009
I have two adult peacocks I need to worm. I have safeguard horde wormer in paste form. How much to I give them and how should I administer it???
hmm. Well, the vet just gave me Safeguard for our 6 lb peahen and said to give her 1.5 cc's per day, but that was in liquid form.
We just shoved it in her beak using a syringe with cc measurements.. Just not sure about the paste. Google United Peafowl and ask on that forum, if you can't get an answer here...that site deals strictly with peafowl. Sorry, I don't have the address handy.
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If you use Safe Guard for Goats you put 4 to 5cc to 1 gallon of water for 3 to 4 days changing water everyday.

You can also mix 1/2cc to 1/2cc of water put in a syringe (no needle) put it down their throat make sure you get it pass their windpipe.

Don't know anything about using horse paste, I don't think you can overdose birds with Safe Guard (I never have anyhow) I would put a little bit on some bread and feed it to them.
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myself i wouldn't use the horse wormer ,but get the safe guard for goats , i useb 3 cc per gal of water.
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It will say on the safeguard horse wormer what % wormer it contains If I remember correctly, the tube is incremented into 50 lb segments. You can either compare the % on the horse wormer to the % on the goat wormer and make the correction or take a 50 lb "segment" and cut it down into 5 lb segments.
Sorry I'm not very clear, I have to redo it every time I worm. Safeguard is pretty safe but you can overdose them so be a little careful.
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