How much shade is too much??

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    My wife and I are looking at getting some chickens and building a coop. The area where we were wanting to put the coop and where the chickens will be roaming has a lot of trees. The trees are thinned out in that area and we are planning on cutting more down. The area gets some sunlight, not exactly sure how much though. My question is, how much sunlight is needed for a healthy flock?
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    The area you describe seems just fine.. Chickens need light, not direct sunlight to be happy. They will seek out the lighter areas if they want on their own..
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    This would depend on the weather, so no one magic number.

    They do like sunning but not in mid summer day.
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    Would depend on your climate...putting your location in your profile will help folks give better answers/suggestions.

    If you're in a hot climate, lots of shade is good over the coop.
    Will you be free ranging or keeping birds confined to coop and run?
    They do need some direct sunlight every day.
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