How much space for broilers?


Aug 31, 2015
I'm looking to build a chicken tractor for broilers. Obviously the needs are different than my two laying flocks. I've been looking online for some time and I'm a little overwhelmed. Here is what I'm having trouble with:

1. What size should it be to hold 25 broilers until harvesting?
2. I'm only planning on using this 2 to 3 times per year, so I'd like it to be something that is low profile so I can park it in the back field or woods and not look at it (trying to please my very understanding wife).
3. It needs to be something I can build myself fairly quickly and easily. I'm pretty handy, so I'm not afraid of a project, but simple is often better for me.

Any suggestions or links to examples and plans?

Thanks in advance.

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