How much time is needed for day old's?


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Mar 26, 2010
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So I am brand new to chicken keeping, and have 8 day olds coming the week of July 26th. I am wondering how much work is needed once they arrive, for the first few days? Do I need to take time off of work to be home with them? Do I need to feed or water them every few hours? I have done a lot of reading, but haven't seen this addressed. What schedule do people keep the first few days? please be as detailed as possible. Thanks!!!
I got my 5 from a feed store and a day or two old. I did not do anything with them besides the normal; heat, food/water. Unless there stressed when you get them you should be ok to leave them for work.
(But they are cute and you won't want to)
The waterers that you have should last them for 24 hours. So generally, other than making sure the water and food is filled, there isnt much more to do.
Keep your brooder clean and dry and check them from time to time to make sure the temp is good.

They are pretty self-maintaining til they are old enough to get into trouble.

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