How much to feed?

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    Hi gang,

    I have 27 chicks, about 3 weeks old at this point and am wondering how much feed should they get? i have them on the chick feed and usually give them some in the morning and in the evening, but when i feed them they dive in like they are starved. How much should i be feeding them?

    I starting to think i got feathered pigs...

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    Keep their feeder full all the time. They will eat as much as they need. We have eight chickens, and when they were chicks I put a quart feeder in the brooder. Most of the time I filled it in the morning and by evening there would be about a cup left. We graduated to a three pound feeder when they moved into the coop. Now we have two of them and I fill about every 36 hrs. Good luck with your flock, Tom!

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    And, [​IMG]

    This is a great place to learn! Lots of really smart folks. Enjoy!
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    Nice to join us [​IMG]

    X2 keep the medicated chick feed coming and all they can each with fresh water I would add vitamin plus Some Apple Vinegar Cider.

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