how much ventilation do ducks and geese need?


10 Years
Nov 8, 2009
I know when it comes to chickens, the more ventilation the better but is it the same for ducks and geese? I need to make a night time "coop" for my geese and ducks and I'm not clear on if they also need a good amount of ventilation or if they are prone to chilling w/ drafts. Also, I've read about shadows freaking them out- am I better off to have no light getting into the coop than to risk moonlight that might throw shadows? Thanks!
I would say the more ventilation the better but make sure the shelter/house isn't drafty. Once they are fully feathered out, they aren't really prone to chilling (except for maybe Sebastopol geese). We have a 7.5 watt buld inside our house at night. From what I have read they don't like to be in the dark.

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