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Jul 31, 2018
I have 5 Buff Orpington hens, 5 Rhode Island Red hens & 4 Barred Rock hens born Aug 1. I have 1 Black White Crested Polish hen, 1 Blue Cochin hen & 1 Blue Polish Rooster born Sept 4. I also have 1 bag of medicated chick starter & 1 bag of chick grit. I need help, I don't know how much to charge for everything. Any suggestions as to how much to sell everything for? Due to health reasons, I haven't finished their run yet & with surgery in my near future, I won't be able to for quite awhile & I have nowhere to keep them. They've outgrown their current housing. Thank you.
I'm so sorry you are unable to keep them. :hugsHmm..your chicks most like won't lay until Spring, so whoever takes them will be feeding them all winter with no return. Maybe just ask for offers and take the best one? If you really need a number maybe $2-$5 per chick and $10 for the supplies. I'm sorry, I wish I could be more help! It's tough to gauge what people are actually willing to pay.
I'm very sorry to hear that your not able to keep them right now. I hope you recover quickly and will be able to have more chicks in the future:hugs
I would be hard to know how to price them. Asking for offers is a good idea too.
Look at your local craigslist and see what the going rate seems to be right now. It all comes down to what someone is willing to pay.
In my area anywhere from $3-7 each is the norm.
I'm sorry you are having health problems. That is no fun at all, nor is trying to figure out what to do with animals you can't take care of. I hope the surgery is successful and you get better soon.

As far as selling goes, calculate your cost, including feed, and then sell the birds for more than that. A lot more if you have time to wait for a good buyer, only a little more than cost if you want to sell quick (and a good deal in selling all of them together will save you time and trouble.)

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