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8 Years
Nov 9, 2011
how much layer feed will i give an average laying hen.. can 1 cup per day do it plus kitchen scraps and bugs?

the layer feed i give them don't have calcium in it, so can i give them calcium carbonate tablets (for human)? how much?

oyster shell grits is not available here. thanks 4 ur answers.
I don't ration my hens food so I can't tell you howmuch one hen will eat but you can try a cup a day and increase it if she's going through it. Eventually you'll figure out how much she needs. If your layer feed doesn't have calcium you can add ground up egg shells.
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I offer feed free do many if not most people.
Calcium carbonate pills? I don't know if that is a good idea, I would think no...why don't you just grind up old egg shells and feed back to them? That is what most people do, I do it and offer free choice oyster shell on the side.

If you have to, go to the store, buy a dozen eggs, scramble them up, feed those to the chickens, let the shells dry out and crush them, then feed those as well.
I keep a bowl on my stove, after I use an egg, I throw the shell into the bowl, let it dry then crush and re feed it.
My hens eat freely from a big feeder. I have no idea how much they eat but they seem to go in spurts. The level won't go down for a few days, then suddenly it drops quite a bit in one day.

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