How my burds survived the Bird Flu (Helpful)

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    Sep 27, 2014
    For both species,human and bird,the flu season has arrived.I haven't caught the flu,but my babies did.
    This arctical will/should help you get your birds well,and all calm any of you who lost birds to this,whos ready for tips?

    First off,this can ve spreaded(dur),so be sure sure your separating them.
    Next,this can be severer then others.Some have attacks,trying toget breath.
    Next,be sure they aren't outside,unless they really cant breath,its very severe,we had to take our hen out to get breath,and yes,she made it.

    Next,they need something soft to eat,for instance, eggs(boiled).
    Be sure their relaxing on hay,and have acces to water at all times!
    Be sure they have two drops of vet rx,1in the morning,and 1 at night.
    A week or so they should be better!

    And thats how,mines survived!
    Good luck,and I am sorry abot those deaths,hugs to all!

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