How my family learned there are flying squirrels in North GA

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    Jun 3, 2019
    7FD0E136-C1ED-46C1-B650-CDDD074ED78E.jpeg So, awhile back, I was at a friends house and my parents texted me and said that the cat caught a baby squirrel but didn’t kill it. So I’m like “cool” and didn’t think anything of it. Now this cat isn’t ours. She was here when we moved here and when the people before us moved here. She’s ancient, about 11 or 12 years old, but she’s our pest control and does a darn good job. Anyways, I came back from my friend’s house and I ask what happened to the squirrel. It was then that’s they decided now was a good time to tell me it’d been in the house ALL day and they hadn’t been able to catch it *insert scratching noises here*. It was late in the evening and we didn’t want it in the house while sleeping so we waited for it to climb the artificial tree in the room. And it did. I put on some garden gloves and grabbed the tree just below the squirrel so it wouldn’t run down. As I went to grab it, it jumped and ker-splatted on the floor before hiding under the China cabinet. After awhile my mom asked me to take the dogs out so I walked over to get the leashes. Then I see something dark fly across the room into the jackets. I thought it was just my imagination until I saw the dogs were also watching the coat rack. So after taking them out, I grabbed the jackets and shook them just to see. The squirrel ker-splatted on the floor again and ran for the China cabinet before running behind the couch my mom wasn’t laying on. She was reading on her ancient iPad and when she felt something hop on her she didn’t think anything of it and assumed it was just Meko our mini yorkie. It wasn’t, the squirrel crawled up the back of the couch and hopped on my mom and calmly hopped to the floor, ran to the China cabinet, crawled up and soared back into the jackets. After shaking it out again this lil bugger crawled up the fireplace onto the mantle and ran onto the curtain rod where we hung some of our hats. My dad tried to trap it in one of the hats but it jumped on his head. He managed to grab it and we took it outside and released it in the woods. I only learned it was a flying squirrel after the fact by doing picture comparisons. Bravo Zulu to the cat who managed to catch two of these slippery buggers.
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    My cat has brought in 4 flying squirrels. Three were able to be released back into the wild. The 4th didn't make it.
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    I hope I never see one - :oops:
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