How noisy are chickens?


9 Years
Mar 3, 2010
Hi I am new to the site and very interested in getting chickens but I would like some advise on getting some that are not very noisy. We have a very large back garden but live on an estate so I dont want to upset the neighbours! I have been offered some isa browns, please can you help
Well, avoid roosters at all costs. However, even hens can be pretty noisy, especially when they're scared or just laid an egg. Maybe check with your neighbors, make sure they're okay with the idea of you having chickens.
I have 20 hens of various breeds and never really hear them unless I am very near the coop. The noisiest is when one of them lays an egg, they cackle and bawk announcing to the world the accomplishment they made. I don't have a rooster, yet, but they of course would wake up the neighborhood.

From MN
Hens aren't too bad. I can just hear them if they are right next to the house with no windows open and the tv isn't on or something. Outside or with the windows open yes they make noise but they are far far less annoying than a barking dog and they hardly make any noise after dark. They do get a bit louder when laying eggs but if you can locate the coop far enough away from neighbors (less likely chickens will cross out of your yard that way as well) then they probably won't notice since the chickens will be in the coop when they make the most noise.

When one of my hens lays an egg, the whole county knows it.
And that goes on all day. I have Delaware Blue Hen hens and RIR, BR, bantam Cochin, LF Cochin. The Ameraucanas should start any day.
I have several different breeds among my 12. Even with the new rooster, they make less noise than the neighbor's pack of little dogs, their riding lawn mower, their gas leaf blower or their screaming at each other in the back yard. When mine do make noise, it is short-lived and usually amusing.
I have one of each: New Hampshire Red (fairly quiet), White Leghorn (quiet except when laying egg), Rhode Island Red (loud and bossy, except when on the hunt for worms...) Black Australorp (only loud when laying or upset at EEs and Silkie banty), white Deleware ( loud, loud, loud)...The two ees are fairly quiet though the brown one tells the whole block when she's getting picked on, the white ee lets the whole world know when she's laid an egg and for some reason when she gets started everyone takes up the chant until I come outside and tell them to hush. On the whole they are more obedient than 3 year old children.

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