How often do chickens lay eggs?


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11 Years
Sep 16, 2008
I have been trying to figure out who is laying in my flock of 8 pullets and who is not. So I am was getting on average 3 eggs a day and just yesterday got a 4th tiny egg. When I went out to the coop I saw one lay and the other was making the noise so I waited and it laid. So I was trying to get out to the coop this morning earlier than yesterday to see if there were more eggs and it looks like everyone had already laid cause there were 3 eggs. So how long does it take for a chicken to lay another egg after it's laid the first. Hope I am not too confusing new at this and trying to learn.
ok that's what I thought so I started writing the time down-yes I am pretty picky, LOL! So yesterday the eggs were laid somewhere around 8-8:30am and today they were an hour earlier so I thought they would be an hour later. Could it be possible that I have more layers than I think? And some are laying every other day?

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