How often do geese lay eggs? and can i switch the nesting site?


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My giant Delwap t geese just started laying yesterday, I have 1 male and 3 females, I actually had 2 males but MR. BOBCAT killed one of my males last year... but thats another story.

I had one egg laid yesterday and one today... how often do they lay eggs?

Also, the goose decied to place her nest right at the door... very inconvinient. Im trying to move the nest to the oposite end of the pen, but the 2nd egg showed up at the "DOOR NEST", so I moved the 2nd egg to the other side where I have a man made nest and where the 1st egg I moved. Will my goose get the idea and move over there?


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I don't know about moving the nest: My goose does that all on her own since she uses three different nesting sites (one in the duck house, one in my broody hen kennel, and one in the doorway of the goose house. So far, I have taken all her eggs to hatch or fill orders, so I don't know if she would do anything differently till I let her keep some eggs to hatch.

As to laying, well that varies. She started out laying an egg every other day till she laid about 4 then took four days off. Then she took a week vacation after 3 weeks of laying. When she began laying again she went to an egg every second day with three days off after 3 to 4 eggs. I've gotten about 18 eggs since she began laying November 30th.

Good luck with your geese and their breeding season. Hope you end up with lots of fuzzy goslings running around in the near future!


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Aug 11, 2012
I've always read that i could expect my new Ebden goose should lay one egg every one to three days. However after laying her very first egg yesterday, my daughter and I were dumbfounded to see that in less than one hour she laid no less than another 8 eggs at her very inappropriate nest outside in our courtyard (an area shared with our 3 large dogs).

I've now moved these 8 eggs (and her nest) back to her pen where the 1st egg was laid. Fingers crossed she'll accept this forced move.

Has anyone ever heard of a goose laying 8 eggs in one hour? I know this time is accurate, as her nest was empty this morning and she'd been locked out of the courtyard all day.

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