How often should I give my chickens apple cider vinegar?


Oct 4, 2020
Just like the title says I wanna know how often I should give it to them, I hear it works at helping rid worms and I just found out we have some worm problems so I was wondering how often should I give my chickens the vinegar in their water? Once a day? Weekly? And how much should I give them for it?
Also should the apple cider vinegar be raw or can it be diluted? (Just checking cause I have some that’s diluted and if I need to get raw I will)
Apple cider vineger, unpasturized with the mother, braggs is a popular brand , is a subject of much debate. IMHO, get a proper wormer for poultry and dont count on acv. If you do the popular dosing is 1 tbls per gallon of water.
I was thinking of getting braggs and I wanted to try this method before resulting to actual wormers since I hear this way is more natural if it makes sense but if it doesn’t work I’ll certainly get a wormer

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