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I know the standard answer is to always have food and water available, but how often do you check and refill food containers? My hens are eating A LOT and I'm finding that between my husband, myself, and my 3 oldest dc, we are feeding them all the time! I'm wondering if it's enough to just check them in the morning? Or twice a day? They are 6 and 8 weeks now, and outside in their coop/run, so they are getting some bugs and plants as well.

Thanks so much!
How big is your feeder? You might need to get a bigger feeder. I have a 3 gallon feeder that I fill about once a week to about a third full. My 6 pullets (about 20 weeks old) and 1 rooster seem to eat enough in their run & yard.

My chicks are 6 weeks and I was going through so much feed ...they were scratching it out of their dish so I put the 30 lb feeder that will be in their coop when i move them. That provides plenty of food and i only put 5-10 lbs in at a time.... now no mess
I have 47 chicks right now that will be 2 weeks old on Wednesday. I have 3 of those 18 inch trough feeders that they sell at Tractor Supply. I have to fill all 3 in the morning. I check them through out the day and clean the wood shavings out of them and I might have to add food to 1 of them. Then I will top all 3 off at night before I go to bed. Mine are meat birds and heard they will eat more than layers. I new to raising chickens also but am learning alot from this site.
Bigger feeders. They are gonna keep increasing the consumption. I made feeders out of 3"pvc pipe that are 3' tall. They hold about 2 1/2 gallons of feed and last 2 or 3 days with 11 4 month olds. Sorry i don't have a good pic of one but they are easy and rather cheap.
They are gonna continue to increase their consumption as they grow. With that many birds i would get at least a 3 gal. size. You may still have to fill it twice a day when they are full grown. I have 21 chickens, 11 are almost grown now. The other 10 are about half grown. I go thru about 50lbs. of feed every 2 weeks along with some scraps, treats, etc. Hope that helps.

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