How old and what kind of feed???

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    How old should chicks be before you feed them bread? And can somebody explian how to feed chickens what to feed them and when they should be swicthed to diffrent feeds?

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    Well this has been talked about but here goes
    (1 I never fed chickens bread except if it was stale as the carbs are high in it and not that much protein
    I fed the 16% protein feed to the chickens

    (2 chick starter -grower can be fed from hatch till 6-8 months or until the pullets start laying
    3 then feed layer feed and oyster shell fo producing good egg shells and keeping the chickens bone density right

    (4 the use of grit comes if and when sub adults are fed whole grains

    (5 I personally fed whole horse oats in a feeder, also a feeder of granite grit
    also a feeder of the commercial layer crumbles or pellets to all my laying hens and rooster
    generally from 6-8 months of sge and on

    (6 if one is raising show bantams or show large fowl or show waterfowl or show turkeys
    then you should always feed the proper titled feed for them
    the best way is to go to
    (1enter say" what to feed laying hens"
    (2"what to feed waterfowl"
    3"what to feed turkeys"

    then after doing the research try and adjust your methods to what is best for your kind of chickens

    (7 The amounts fed bantams and large fowl must differ as each breed and kind have different size and weight amounts.

    (8 treats really are about the enjoyment of the person feeding them treats: as they enjoy the excitement by the chickens as much as they chickens enjoy the special treats
    So this is something you have to decide as if important to you
    ( MOST important is how much protein devaluaton has the treats caused the chickens body.

    (10 Because you are your chickens tender and they only get what you feel is important for you to supply them with. This is food for thought

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