how old are hoover's hatchery chicks when they get shipped and arrive?

I ordered from Ideal in Texas this spring. I live in PA. They hatched around 10 am and arrived about 7 am next day...standard shipping so I couldn't believe it...and wasn't ready for them. I was getting ready to leave for work and had taken the next day off expecting chicks that day. I live in a tiny town and the sweet lady at the post office offered to call me as soon as they came in and she even let me pick up before they opened. It was good that she did. One of my little Japanese was super tiny, weak, and only as big as my thumb. I was worried it wouldn't make it. After sitting under the lamp for 30 minutes with food and water he was tip top!
There's a window from the time of hatch where chicks don't need food, their still consuming nutrients from their yolk. That's why they ship them so young. It actually gets harder to ship the older they are.

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