how old do muscovy ducks have to be to tell the gender?

At about 8 weeks the gender differences between them become very obvious as the males start to grow and get to be about 50% or more larger than the females - seemingly overnight.

If your both look the same, they are likely the same gender.
If you've been around enough of them by about 5wks or so you can see it. If your birds are already 2-3mths it'll be obvious if you have two different genders, males outsize females quite noticeably.

Here i'll give you an example using my last clutch.. Ducklet in behind, drakelet in front... both the same age these were about 3.5 almost 4mths in this picture.

Another shot of the same girl( i only got one in my last clutch lol) she is the one closest to the feeder, the teeny one ... about 6.5wks/7wks in this picture. All the birds surrounding her are her brothers with the exception of the white one that is Lilly the duck who raised them.

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ok i just got mine and they must be alot younger than what i was told because my bigger one is just starting to loose the yellow and is getting some white on the neck
I think they must be from a different clutch. Such a big difference in size to be siblings imo. Pics are too blurred to tell anything! Cute ducklings though!

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