How old does a dragon typically live?


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Mar 1, 2015
My dragon (Zuko) just turned one, I don't know how ling they live. I just lost my guinea pig and I want to know if they die young or old.
This is Freddy:::::

This is Zuko:::::
As far as bearded dragons go, I have seen some live to be around 20yrs and I have seen some die at 30yrs. As far as your Guinea pig goes, they only live to be about 3 to 5. But if you really want to know about them, I say go and check google and search on it. I am no rodent professional and I never really had one that I can remember, but I had a friend who had they're pig til he was almost 10 so I guess its based on care/diet. I am more a bird person then a herpetologist or small mammal person. Sorry bout your pig dying tho its always a shame to lose a pet regardless of species.

Breaded dragons usually live to ten years but can live longer. Mine is five years old and is very healthy. Are you feeding him calcium and do you keep a UVB light on him?

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