How old is my Australorp?

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    Hello all,

    I am new to chicken keeping. I rescued an australorp back in February. It wondered onto my parents property out in the middle of no where back in December and they tried to catch it and couldn't. That's when they called me. We were not sure where it came from and tried to no avail to find its owner. So, since my parents feared for its life and so did I, I decided to take it home. We built a coop out of our shed with a large run and she settled in.
    Chicken math ensued.
    I adopted 6 chicks from our local feed mill and then 3 Seramas from someone who was downsizing and those three are young and lay eggs.
    Still, Lucy the Australorp hasn produced an egg. I checked her vent and it looks like the photos of vents that are egg producing and not dry. She was healthy and I made sure she wasn't injured or sickly. She is a tough chicken for being out so long. Here are some photos:

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    What color are the bottom of her feets, she could be a Jersey giant. She does appear to be a mature hen, my guess is 3 or older, probably closer to 4-5. Her comb is quite red so she should be laying or close to it, but my older hens will also get bright red combs and never lay. If she still will lay you should get something within the next month or two.

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