How old is too old?


7 Years
Oct 3, 2012
Western Sydney, Australia
Hi all,

I got a moscovy female at the bird auctions last November. She had been someones house pet - lets herself into the house or any cars if the doors are open, loves pats and treats, real tame. I know she must be well over 10yrs old but have no idea of her true age.

After initially getting bullied by the other ducks she has now become Queen Duck and has everyone else on the run. Since I got her, she's sat on eggs a few times. Ive always taken them, thinking that she stole them from my pekins (who regularly have 3 a day for me) and must be too old to actually lay.

Quick side note - I only have one pure bred pekin whose sex is currently in question. I always believed it female but the fervour with which the other drakes chase it off makes me wonder. My other two are pekin crosses and mules - two seasons, no ducklings, even when eggs were fertilized.

I now have 3 drakes (not counting the ambigous pekin) who are small mallard/call cross. The old muscovy girl displayed some extreme sexual behaviour, but wouldnt let any of the other ducks get close to her ...However she laid down in the water dish for a visiting crow!

She is now sitting on 4 very large eggs of a slightly different shape to what Im used to from the pekins. Ive dated them for today even though shes been on them a week or so. She has built a truly beautiful nest and keeps it very clean, kicking out any eggs the other girls lay nearby.

Its entirely possible she got together with one of the boys and the eggs are indeed hers. After so many years of trying (and now exhausted and practically given up) I will be blown away if this ancient girl and one of the young fellas manage ducklings.

How likely is it that this old duck has laid fertile eggs?

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