how old till you can tell if chicks are boys or girls


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
I have three babies. They are all four or 5 weeks old. I have a barred rock which has almost all feathers and no fluff and two mille fluer bantams with most feathers and still a bit of fluff. I would LOVE to know if they are roosters so that I can get rid of it before we get too attached and so that I can replace it with a hen before we have to put them all outside. Otherwise the new baby will have to stay in the brooder alone - since it will be so much younger. What ways can I tell if they are girls or boys?
Also, we hold them everyday - but they still seem so scared of us and are not impressed with any treat we bring.

pictures would be helpful if you would like some help sexing.

Otherwise you might have to wait until one crows
The way I tell is by comparision with other chicks of the same breed and age. I have a batch of five week old bantams right now and it's pretty obvious that three are little roos because their combs are already bigger and redder than their sisters. I have a batch of four week old d'Uccle chicks with one pretty well confirmed roo, and one maybe, based on combs. It's hard to tell with the third batch of four week olds; the comb differences aren't so clear in this batch. I'm hoping they'll turn out to be girls!

You have nothing to compare your BR with, so that's going to be tough. Maybe you can post a picture here and others who are familiar with this breed can help you out. What breed are your millies? Do you see any differences in their combs?
I have one baby 5 weeks old (we hatched) that is an EE mix , it has always had a prounonced red pea comb, but just crowed yesterday when some of the 8 week olds walked by his pen!! I have always suspected he was a boy, The 8 week olds , two of which are roos, have yet to crow! who can figure! Post pics and maybe someone here can help you better identify your chicks.
I'm new to this chicken business. I have the same problem. I have 8 chicks, 6 weeks old. No idea what sex they are. If I go by the combs' size, I must have 4 and 4! Problem is, I have nothing to compare to. And, they aren't even the same breed. I got these as pets from my mother-in-law and she mix breeds. I have 4 primarily doms and no idea about the others. Of them, one is solid white, one is white and brown, one is brown, black and gray, and one is black with brown on the edge of the feathers. All of which are beautiful birds. Just wish I knew more about their sexes. I only want one rooster. We live on 3 tenths of an acre and don't have room to expand to accommodate more chickens.

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