How pliable are goslings? Help?


Apr 25, 2015
After his nightly swim in his kiddy pool last night, Cas fell out and was upside down (feet up) with his head and neck under him. I helped him up right away of course, and he seems fine, but I thought I'd ask the eggs-perts here. I worry about every little thing with him
He's moving fine, preening, lifts his head to reach, etc but I still worry LOL. Should I watch for anything? Or, is he most likely fine now that it's 12 hours later? He's not in any pain that I can tell. He still prodded me for his morning neck rubs, and when I feel his neck it feels OK to me, but I'm no expert...
As long as nothing feels broken or torn, and he's acting fine he should be ok.
And if goslings are like ducklings, then they don't have the natural oil that a mama duck would give them to waterproof them. I've had lots of ducklings drown because they got in the water unattended by mama duck.
He only swims with me right there, but I've been letting him get in and out on his own, only taking him out personally if he seems chilled. I just panicked because he kind of summer-salted out the last time and ended up on his back, head tucked under and was unable to right himself, so I intervened. He's running all over today though and preening and everything just fine, so hopefully he's ok. "Daddy" is making him a ramp today to make getting in and out easier for him

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