How rare are Ancona ducks?


Oct 1, 2017
I saw on a the poultry conservation site that Ancona ducks were on the endangered list. And I never really see them for sale anywhere. I have 2 hens and 2 drakes that I was told were Ancona. Should I keep them separate from the rest of my flock to keep them pure or are they not endangered anymore?
Just my opinion based on my area.
They're not rare at all.
Not the most common here but ive seen them for sale multiple times.
Own some myself. Few years ago I raised mallards, orpington and ancona. They sold by popularity in that order. And at the time I had a couple blue and a couple chocolate ancona.
Now I just use them in a mixed crested group. Crested sell better here then ancona.
Those lists always seem odd to me about some of the breeds listed. Quite a few times I see breeds that are common here that are on the list.
Also a couple times I've seen breeds on there that are listed at common hatcheries so unsure how they'd be hurting.
I don't know for sure, but I agree with @The Moonshiner. Although, they are more rare then many other domestic duck breed, I do not believe they endangered at all. Just a little less common.


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The middle one is a tricolor. These are not recommended to be used for breeding (if wanting to better the breed) as they do not display the typical asymmetrical, broken speckled pattern you want on your anconas
Awesome. I will have to find the breed standard and see if i can compare. I want a project breed. Still looking for the right one. I can look for good Ancona's if mine don't match up.
We have not yet released our standard

@learycow Do I read your gray font correctly that your operation is in Southern Maine? I was going to ask in the general thread if anyone knew of an ethical Ancona duck breeder in upper New England. Do you have ducklings for sale for the latter half of April or into May? If so you have a potential customer from just north of Waterville my friend! :)

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