How should i go about hatching these?

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  1. foxypoproxy

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    Aug 2, 2011
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    So i have a gorgeous pair of blue silkies that i love very much.
    In the spring i would like to hatch out a few babies, around the 4-6 range.
    But i only have one silkie who will be laying the eggs.
    I want all the eggs to have the same due date, so i was wondering how i would go about doing this?
    Would i collect some eggs over the next couple of days, store them somewhere, then put them under my broody silkie?
    If i do store them and don't leave them in the nest, do i leave them in a room temperature area? Should i be turning them?
    Can they die while not under mommy hen?
    Also what day can i candle the eggs and tell if they are fertile or not?

    Thanks for any help or comments you may give :]

  2. MamaMarcy

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    Aug 28, 2011
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    Mama hens leave their eggs once laid until they have the # they want to sit on...they start sitting on them all at the same time. The eggs stay "dormant" for 7-10 days. So, you could see if she just does it on her own by leaving the eggs where she lays them and let her do the hen thing. I only hve incubataor experience, so hopefully someone else has good advice. I know they do make fake eggs.

    As far as candling, with lighter eggs by 4-7 days you should be able to see veins. Darker eggs can take longer. I have some now that are too dark to see much of anything.
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  3. SueBaby

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    In general you can collect eggs until you have enough for your girl to sit on. They are dormant until they get to the right temperature, so you can store them for a few days (no more than 6) and then give them to her to set. Recommended storage is in a relatively dry, cool (55 degrees) place that is NOT the fridge. Store them large side up to keep the yolk centered. If you get them under the hen before the 6 day mark then you don't have to worry about turning them. After 6 days the success rate for your hatch will go down.

    You can candle after they have been under the hen for 7 days. The days before that don't count for development.

    From Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens [​IMG]
  4. deerman

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    Depend on outside temp. if 45 to 70 yes you could leave eggs in the nest untill she goes broody. She will turn them.

    now early spring may be to cools to leave mark one egg and leave it in the nest. gather the others store in a room with cool temp. turn once a day , keep them until she goes broody.....set the last 12 eggs she lays.
  5. Mrs. Fluffy Puffy

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    You can save eggs for up to 2 weeks, you can save them up for longer but your hatch rate will drop way down. You could safely save eggs for a week and not have your hatch rate go down..much. It is 'def easier not to have staggered hatches, althought most of my hatches are. [​IMG] Good luck

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    Madison, CT
    Thanks for your input everyone!
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    Quote:At first I thought this quote meant that the first 7 days under the hen didn't count for development, which is obvious nonsense. But after puzzling over it for a bit I now think it means it's the days in storage, when the eggs weren't under the hen, that don't count. I wonder if anyone else interpreted it wrong like me... [​IMG]

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