How soon do I have to seperate my pheasants


8 Years
Jun 17, 2011
Hello There,
Can anybody tell me when I will have to start seperating my phesants. Right now I have them all in one pen because of the winter. It's easire to have 1 bowl for the water to keep it from freezing. They are getting along fine right now but I don't want them to interbreed.

Also if anybody lives in Colorado I have some pheasants I need to get rid of. I will have 2 male yellows, 1 female yellow, 1 Golden pair, maybe 2 male Amherest. All of my birds I ordered my eggs from a guy in China so you should be able to mix them with your birds from what I was told from him. They were all hatched last yr. They are very friendly and love to be touched and eat traets from your hand. Sometimes they try to sit on my shoulder but I don't let them very often. Don't want any surprises

You should seperate them now.They are doing their mate choosing and breeding will start next month.
I tried putting them all together for the winter when I was starting out,and it didn't work to good.I figured the males would be ready to breed as soon as I put them with the hens.They need to get acquainted before they will breed and seperating them slowed down the breeding season.In N.H.,Tony.

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