how soon to introduce to a small breed flock?

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    Jan 11, 2012
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    ok so i hatched a bunch of ameracaunas and a RIR/gold orph a few weeks ago they are about 5 1/2 weeks old...fully feathered except for their heads

    i moved them outside about a week ago, they stay in my coop in a special box that i made. only thing is they have outgrown everything i have put them in and now have out grown this.....

    i have a run with my RIR's sex links and a few other mutts
    then there is the run with the 15 ameracauna hens and 2 roos
    seperate run with white leghorns
    then there is my small breed pen
    it consists of
    1 mille fluer d'uccle
    2 mille fluer cochin hens
    1 mille fluer cochin roo (Mr. e e)< funny story
    and then there is like 5 hens that are of mixed breeds but look like RIR only they are about 8-10 inches tall

    the ameracauna peeps are about the same size i just dont know if they can handle themselves around older birds
    and that particular part of the coop stays at about 40 degrees about 5 degrees colder than the other pens

    i have 5 heat lamps burning constantly to keep my birds happy and comfortable at night
    i am in pa and we have been having some weird weather like 60 one day and 35 the next...

    any help on this situation would be appreciated

    btw my coop is 24' long and 12" wide

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