how to add new eggs in the middle of incubation

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    Mar 19, 2007
    I started hatching a new set of eggs last week. I had 3 different dozens mailed to me. One of them got totally crushed and wasted, but the others came through okay.
    The ebay seller of the crushed eggs sent me a dozen replacements without even asking me....nice gesture. She just sent me an email telling me she sent them and asking if I would be willing to pay just for shipping costs. Even though I didn't ask for the replacement eggs I paid for the shipping just to be fair.
    If the eggs were sent today they will probally be here on Monday and that will be day 12 of my incubation. I only have 1 bator, but have room for the new eggs.
    How do I add them in? what about 6 days later when I have to take the turner out and up the humidity (I'm using dry incubation)? I don't want to keep opening the bator to turn the dozen eggs by hand while the others are hatching. Can I remove most of the arms of the LG turner and keep it in there with 1 tray one each end turning and the hatching eggs in the middle? Will upping the humidity to 60-70% for the hatching eggs hurt the newly added eggs? I can't let the replacement eggs sit out as they will be 14+ days old when the others hatch.
    I know the most obvious "enablers" answer is go and buy or build another bator, but DW would have me out sleeping with the eggs if I brought another bator home.

    How am I going to do this?

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    I don't think the humidity will hurt for a short period of time but could you take all the egg slatsout of the turner except the ones with these eggs. Then you could keep them turning and have a place in the center for the eggs to hatch. You will have to take the eggs out and keep them wrapped in a warm towel or something to wash your bator down after the hatch. Now I am speaking like you have hovabator or something similar.
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    I used a LG 9200 and had 3 different hatches.
    I was kinda scared about doing it but with my first few hatches I was just excited to get going.
    My first hatch was Oct. 31.
    My second hatch was Nov. 7 (1 week later)
    My third hatch was Thanksgiving. (2 weeks after 2nd hatch).
    Now I only had 3 and 4 eggs in the last 2 hatches and I hand turned them.
    I used the dry incubation method too, and was really scared that my 2nd hatch would be messed up from the higher humidity for the first hatch. Everything turned out fine and all 4 eggs hatched.
    I wasn't as concerned about the last hatch because they were only into it a week when the 2nd batch hatched and I figured they had 2 more weeks to allow the air cell to even out if the higher humidity affected it. The last 3 hatched just fine.
    Let me say that on Day 18 I placed those eggs in a back corner and the younger eggs were in the opposite front corner in an egg carton, so all I needed was a little crack to reach in and roll the eggs to the opposite side of the carton.
    Turning took all of about 5 seconds, 3 times a day.

    GOOD LUCK! with your hatches.
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