How to avoid feed getting wet? Sickness Again!

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Jul 30, 2014
My Ducks are sick again. They are heavily breathing and their nostrils are running. I think they are infected to Aspergillosis,
They make the feed wet and it's the main reason of the sickness. I am fed up and deciding to get rid of Ducks.
How you guys keep you ducks healthy? Help please. What kind of antibiotics should I give them.
I don't know about antibiotics. But I keep their food in their house and their water outside. Food stays dry
How old are they? I'm sorry you're having trouble keeping them healthy and care for'd. The two best options are definitely to find them a great home, or provide a great home.

Post pics of ur setup. I had trouble taking care of mine. I have 13 and they've been growing so fast. It took a lot of constant effort but I've finally managed to get things under control. You can too.

There are definitely better and worse setups, but if they have space, can't be on it while eating, and its not next to water, feed shouldn't be getting wet. It sounds like u may have a simple fix. For feed and health. I'm not sure the two are related.

Im not sure why you think they need antibiotics but if go brodspectrum. If the feed it's wet and they keep getting sick, I'm guessing everything, including them, are wet and dirty.
The coop in which they live is made up of bricks and the floor is made up of concrete . When they use to dunk their heads they push out the water and floor gets wet . I also saw spores mold on the same place and they also make the feed wet.
I am planning to install tiles on the floor but I am out of budget now . I also had appointment with vet for their vaccination now it's going to be delayed :(
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Have pics? If they're walking on surfaces like that, they're going to get ? Bumble feet

Those materials are of course going to be wet. Tile as well. And they'll slip and hurt themselves.

The mold is probably why they're sick! I'm not sure antibiotics w will help. Someone else will have to answer this: is it repository infection, fungal, or both?

Without more info, here's what I recommend. Putting a larger plate that overlaps water to catch some. You can pour out excess, or if they're like my ducks, they'll drink excess. Also pine pellet bedding, leave dry.

It's highly absorbent. You'll have to clean it often if water it's not greatly reduced. This is the bedding they use for horses. It's great and cheap. As it gets wet, it turns into a soft powder.

Post pics and more info. It sounds like there might be a lot more major health and quality of life things we can help with
It's night here. I will post some tomorrow . I keep them open from 4 pm to 6 pm. The coop doesn't have run . I am going start building it tomorrow. To place the water away from feed.
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Wet feed is not a problem exactly. I add water to my ducks' food every day, making it like oatmeal. But I change out food they don't eat within 24 hours. Or less, if it does not pass the sniff test (smells fresh). Feed that sits around wet can be a problem.

The problem, I think, is in their environment. Or, the feed itself got moldy before it was served to them. I keep feed in a plastic bag inside a metal can with a snug lid.

And to get rid of mold, get borax, and scrub the area with borax dissolved in warm water. That kills mold and mildew.

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