How to back up my bator in a power outage ?

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11 Years
Nov 8, 2008
How do I back up my bator in a power outage ? Want to be prepared.

Thanks , Joe
Most bators are low wattage I thought about using a a deep cycle battery and a inverter. I have a 400w inverter that would more than handle one for a few hours.
Actually it came from a truck supply outfit, I can't remember the name. I had ordered it online for my truck, but very seldom use it. But I do believe Wally World has them.
I have an inverter that plugs into the lighter in my car. We also have a thing that has clamps, similar to jumper cable clamps (but smaller, and with no teeth) on one end, and a socket just like a car lighter on the other. So if I had a fully charged battery, I could set it outside and run the cord in the window, and hook it all up that way. If the outage lasted very long, I'd have to swap out batteries in the car, and drive to the store or something to recharge.

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