How to best clean a dirty chicken?

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  1. I have an EE hen who is currently in treatment for leg mites. Because of this, she has been dust bathing and preening a lot, and with now the dirt is piling up on her breast feathers like crazy! While I was soaking her legs in some warm water I attempted to dampen these feathers and see if I could get any out, but to no avail. Unfortunately, she's a cream-colored EE, a bit of buff color here and there, so it's quite obvious. Could someone give me advice on how to best clean a dirty chicken?
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    Give her a bath. All you need is some gentle soap, 3 plastic 5 gallon buckets, some towels and your hair dryer.
    Bathing instructions in many places on byc. Just search for : how to bath a chicken.
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    I bath my chickens with dawn. They like to be blow dried! I also oil their featherless parts with vit E oil. How are you treating the leg mites?
  4. I’ve been putting Vaseline jelly on her legs every day and occasionally bathing them with warm soapy water and then applying the jelly again.
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    I wouldn't bother washing her until you're done treating the leg mites,
    the vaseline is probably transferring to her feathers and will continue to do so.
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    Unless you have visible mites try using a lighter oil, it will actually get into the scales better. However of all the thicker Vaseline type choices, I recommend tiger balm. It's something everyone should consider keeping in their animal first aid kit.

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