How To Blow Eggs

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    This was requested from another post. I put it here because it really doesn't seem to fit in any of the other catagories and it is a 'recipe'.

    The whole idea of blowing eggs is to get the insides out while keeping the outside shell intact.

    If you plan to blow the eggs the old fashioned way - using your breath, you should wash the eggs and dry them off.


    I use a little drill bit that came with my cordless screwdriver. You can use a pin, needle, pushpin, thumbtack - whatever you have that is small and strong enough to puncture the shell without causing the shell to crack apart or crumble in your hands.

    You can see in the photo I have 4 very large eggs. The one int he front is a standard whitish egg normal sized from my chickens. The other four are the jumbo monsters they laid over the course of one evening and the next morning.


    Put a hole in both ends. I let the drill bit go into the egg and swirl around to break up the yolk. It helps it all to come out easier. You can use a toothpick or some of small long object and twirl it around a bit also to help break up the yolk.

    Once you have the holes on both ends, put your lips over one hole and blow. I mean BLOW. Some people use a large syringe and force air into the shell to push the inside out but I don't have much luck doing it that way. I usually end up gripping the egg too tight and it breaks.


    It may take a bit of work but the inside will begin to stream out the other hole. If you make the holes too tiny you'll spend all day trying to blow the eggs. Make a generous enough hole you can get the inside out but remember you will still have to have a way to cover up that hole to use the eggs in most craft projects. Smaller is better.

    When I blow the eggs I know I have not spit in them and I use them for scrambled eggs. When the kids blow them I cook them for the dogs. I'm just sayin' ...

    So when the eggs are blown you can stream a little water in and swish it around and blow that out. Then I put mine in the microwave for 15 seconds at a time usually two or three times checking between each cycle to dry them out. Once they are clean and dry you are ready to do whatever you want with them.

    We paint them.

    Have fun with your egg crafts!

    Note: When we paint these that I blew last night I'll come back and update this post with a finished eggs.
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  2. ozark hen

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    this brings back memories! When my girls were small I use to blow them out the old fashion way..with a needle and my breath. [​IMG] Then they painted them and I put a clear coat over them. I got a nice branch from outside and spray painted it white, set it in a bit of quick crete (sp?) in a decorated pot. I then put tiny ribbons on the eggs and hung them from the branches. Wish I had taken photos of them!! [​IMG] We had them out all during Easter as a center piece.
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    Thanks Prissy.

    A very informative post.
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    You seriously need to write a "how to survive in the country book plus recipes". I would buy it. [​IMG]
  5. ozark hen

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    Apr 4, 2007
    Mansfield, MO
    so would I!! I can't believe you haven't been noticed for the Foodtv channel or DIY. Your family and friends are so lucky to know you!! Wish you were a neighbor of mine! [​IMG]
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    WHat about using an air compressor? I have a blower attachment with a rubber tip on it?
  7. MissPrissy

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    I would think you might blow the bottom out of the egg.
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    I wonder if Faberge blew his famous eggs first?
  9. McGoo

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    I'm with texas chick and Ozark on this - You need to write a book on all of your recipes ...and your farm life survival. You'd make a good deal of money while informing others. You are an amazing women! You've got it all going and I mean that sincerely - you are a wealth of information - thank you for sharing [​IMG]
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    if ya blow hard but not overly forceful and keep preasure the same the egg will come out whole not scrambled. make sure the hole on the air sac end goes through the second membrain so ya don't have to blow so hard. i do mine the old fashioned way if i used a drill i'd be wearing the egg, rotfl. [​IMG]

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