How to brood chicks, ducklings, and geese


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Sep 25, 2019
Bay City, Texas
I have 2 goslings, 2 ducklings, and 4 chicks in a 6ft brooder. They were all a day old when I received them and they are a week old today. There is so much mixed information out there that I was hoping for some advice. At this point, the birds are very attached to each other. I'm pretty sure one of the chicks thinks the waterfowl are either her parents or that she is one of them. She doesn't leave their side and copies everything they do. They second we separate the waterfowl from the chicks, the chicks freak out. So, I don't feel like it would be good to seperate them. Plus, I want them to bond so they will protect each other once they are outside. Anyways, I'm concerned about the food situation. I want them to all get what they need to be healthy. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions for me?
Flock Raiser crumble by purina or All flock by Nutrena (blended into crumbles) would be great for all of them. Waterfowl need niacin in their diet, they also need a dish to stick their heads in to clear their nostrils and eat their food.

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