how to build a green house


11 Years
Jul 10, 2010
southern AL
I saw this a few years ago and really liked it

We have a bunch of bricks left over from the garage build that match the house. The spot I'd want to put it is the back of the house (south facing) against the workout room. It is a full sun location from about 10am - 5 or later. I have plenty of bricks to go the entire length of the area, but that also means more of whatever I use for roof and top portion of walls. But with the windows, I really have no idea what would look good there if I went smaller.
I'm not starting a ton of plants, so don't need it huge, but it can easily also serve as a brooder for ducks/chicks (right now the duckligs are running around on the deck waiting for the grass to dry so I can mow and then move their brooder to the yard and plop them in it). I lost a few potted trees this winter with some of our unusual extreme cold - green house would be a good place to over winter those potted plants not quite able to take the winter.

So the questions - how big would you build it?
if not the length of the wall, where

I can do the brick part - have all that stuff. But what would I use for panels of "glass"

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