How to Butcher a Chicken

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by hinkjc, Nov 16, 2007.

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    Quote:That's my favorite link, too. It is easy to follow and he gives you a couple of ways to do almost every step so you can decide which works better for you. Love it! John, there is a misspelling in the link you provided so here is a corrected one,
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    Thanks Ang I appreciate the corection. Sometimes the fingers and mind don't work together. John
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    Apr 6, 2007
    You folks are making me wanna go process a chicken. My roos are still too
    small but are getting bigger every day. Heerrreee chicky chicky..

    I wanted to mention that on our last batch I scalded and plucked 3 roos. After
    I had broken down my turkey frier(scalder) we had a hen penny that was attacked
    by the other chickens and was in bad shape. I had planned on culling her eventually
    anyways so, rather than put her back in the brooder to suffer with a head wound
    I took her head completely off. Rather than pluck it I skinned it. This was my
    first time skinning and I remembered how Silkiechicken says that is how she does
    hers. WOW WAS IT EASY!!!. I know crispy skin is a nice thing but for a slow cooked
    soup does skin really matter anyways??? Miss Prissy said just add a little butter
    if you don't have skin.

    Forgive my dry sarcasm when talking about culling birds. I hate to kill anything for
    any reason but believe in the "raise your own meat bird philosophy".
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  6. When we would butcher when I was younger, we never chopped the head off and let the chicken run around. We hung the chicken from a piece of heavy copper wire shaped in a W. To keep the chicken's head from moving around too much we then took a piece of that same heavy gauge wire and had in the shape of a hook connected to a gallon jug half full of water to weight the chicken down this went through the nostrils, so all that could move would be their wings. To dispatch them we would take a sharp knife and cut the artery going to the brain in the back of the throat. They would bleed out this way with little or no mess. Then dunk them and pluck.
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    Thanks I needed this.
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    Thank you for this forum......I was just starting to think that no one on this site ate more then eggs:
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