How to care for a duck pond?


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Jun 3, 2012
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Hi duck parents!
I recently became the proud mother of two Pekin ducks. I work in an animal hospital and a client found a single duckling wandering around his property and brought it in. It was clearly bonded to people, she just wanted to be held and sit in everybody's lap. Nobody wanted her so I took her home. I knew after a day she needed another duckling to grow up with so my husband got another Pekin duckling from a feed store. They are best friends, a total bonded pair. Once they got all their feathers we built them a coop for sleeping in and they are free range during daylight hours. We also installed an in ground pond for them to frolic in with a hard-core filter/pump. We add pond chemicals from home depot that are safe for Koi. Is there something special/specific we should be adding for our ducks? Do you guys test the PH daily etc? We clean the filter every other day and drain it completely once a month. I just want to make sure I'm keeping my pond in the best conditions possible for my ducks. Any kind advice would be appreciated. This is our coop/pond set-up :)


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Jun 13, 2011
aww,,very nice! And welcome to the awesome world of ducks,, :)
your set up looks really nice ,,I don't think you need to worry at all about the waters condition. If you refill it and empty,or move it,,it's oerfect for you already well know,ducks make an extremely dirty mess of their water, fast!! Some people use pumps and filters,and others such as myself just use the empty out and refill every couple day method. You don't need to add any chemicals or anything to make your water "conditioned"...plain old poopy dirty water id their favorite! Haha,, they seem to prefer the muddy dirty puddles on rainy days over the clean pond in my flock..But you're doing a great job,and you really don't need to add anything to your water for them. Enjoy! Ducks make life SO much more enjoyable!!

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