How to catch a cat?

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    This is mostly a rant, but some advice is welcome!

    Pumpernick (aka Buddy) is about a year old. He only has 3 legs, after some dog decided he'd make a good snack. I've had him since he was 7 weeks old, and he's my little baby (yes, I'm one of those cat people). After his amputation, I decided to hold off on having him neutered, partly because the first surgery was pretty traumatic to him and completely altered his personality, and partly because I know early spay/neuter can have an impact on bone growth. I wanted him to develop as normally as possible, so I decided to wait until he was full grown. Well, now its time.

    We recently started letting the cats outside. Buddy hasn't been allowed out yet because I don't want him running off in search of some action. Also because he likes to play "Chase and Hide"- a game where I chase him, and he hides. We have a feral that has decided to hang out in our yard recently (since we no longer have a "real" dog, only a tiny chihuahua). Yesterday I saw Joe the Feral hanging out with my other cats. They were all getting along, it was cute. I'd almost decided he could stick around, and even put out a can of cat food for him because he looked a bit thin. Ultimately my goal for him is TNR, though now I'm rethinking that. He even let me pet him yesterday.

    So I go back inside to get my phone so I can take a picture of Joe the Feral to post on my facebook. As I was going back out, Buddy snuck out past my feet, and went straight for Joe. He kept trying to attack him. Everytime Joe would run, Buddy would follow. I'm running behind them, screaming, pounding on things, trying everything I can think of to get them separated without actually grabbing Buddy (I could already picture the deep scratches and bite marks I would have left with). Finally my mom heard the ruckus and came out, and managed to chase Joe off without Buddy following. Buddy ran and hid under our playhouse (a big wooden monstrosity that is now used as a storage shed, we plan on tearing it down but haven't done it yet).

    After two hours, and lots of yelling, chasing, and crying, I finally managed to get Buddy out from under the playhouse, and caught him. He had run into the side yard, where the only way out was the way he came in, or up (and I don't think he's able to jump that high, thankfully). I kept him in my room with me last night so he wouldn't be able to run out when we opened the back door, and I called the vet first thing in the morning to make the appointment to get him fixed. He's supposed to go in tomorrow.

    Problem is, he's back out there. I had let him out of my room so he could eat and use the litter box, and my mom didn't know, so she opened the door, and he ran out. Its been several hours, and still no luck. Its just me and my mom here, and she's not feeling well, so I'm pretty much on my own. He's a skittish cat, so even if I knew anyone who could help me, I think it would just spook him more. He hates strangers.

    The playhouse has an opening where he can get under in the front. there are rosebushes in the way, so I can't actually get close enough to that opening to catch him as he comes and goes. One side is also pretty much open. Obviously at least a two person job. We also have a big barn style storage shed that he can get under from one side. And a big lemon tree between the two, with lots of thorns for me to get stuck by.

    I know he's having a blast, he's playing a game, but i'm not amused. I'm asthmatic, and have bad ankles and knees. Running around after him hurts, my neighbors think I'm insane, and I've got other things I'm supposed to be doing today.

    I just set a havahart trap, and said "if you're gonna act like a feral, you're gonna be treated like a feral." I just hope I can catch him in time to take him to the vet in the morning.
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    Leave him alone and start feeding all the cats inside~like Deb says, feed some lovely tuna...leave the door open so he can decide whether he enjoys regular meals or not. If it works then you can try to shut the door and contain him, if not, let him be.

    Is it really worth all this worry and stress to your body to keep this cat inside? [​IMG]
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    well, i got him.

    the cats do get fed inside, so that wouldn't have worked, anyways. with the way he's been acting, i honestly didn't believe he'd come in on his own anytime in the next few days, and its important that i get him to his appointment tomorrow to get snipped.

    i got impatient about the trap (though i left it set- maybe Joe the Feral will come by tonight, and he can go to the shelter in the morning). I was able to find enough stuff around the yard to block off all of his hiding places, and then chased him into the side yard. Several puncture wounds later, he's in my room, purring and rubbing against my feet. Ugh.

    I hope neutering will eventually get him back to normal, I shouldn't have waited quite this long to get it done. I hope he calms down to the point where I can feel confident letting him outside, knowing that he'll come in again. My other cats are free to go in and out as they please, and I'd like for him to get to that point. Its been a difficult transition for me, allowing my previously indoor only cats outside. this isn't the first time he's pulled this stunt. I did try letting him out with the other cats a few times, and getting him back in each time has been a nightmare. its like he's a completely different cat when he goes outside.

    anyways, now he's grounded to my room, which i prefer to keep cat-free, for the next few weeks, so he can recover from the neuter and let his hormones settle down.
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    best of luck with your kitty

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