How to Catch a Rooster


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Oct 2, 2012
My normally docile little 6-month old rooster is beginning to get hormonal and a little bit mean. He has charged at me a few times in the last couple of days. We can't have that!

So, after a little research, I learned that picking him up and carrying him around upside down every day will show him that I'm boss, and hopefully get him to stop being a little jerk. No problem.

But here's my issue - I can't catch the little bugger! Even in the run, he just runs into, or under the coop. I can't reach in and grab him at night, because of how the roosting bar is located in relation to the doors. My only option is to get him while he's out in the run.

So, any suggestions as to how I can catch him before he runs under the coop? I'm ready to just go and get a fishing net, but I'm not sure if anyone with more experience has a better suggestion.
Take a metal clothes hanger and straighten it out but leave the hook end as it is.. Then take the hook end and squeeze it together til it is a long skinny hook just bout the size of his legs or smaller. Then just snag his foot. I do it when I need to catch mine but It helps if they are in a run also when doing this. Camping forks for cooking hotdogs, marshmallows, etc also work but involve some work when bending the forks
My husband's big muskie fishing net works in catching roosters. You might just start carrying a stick, and walk around him making him always get out of your way. Always make sure nobody comes into the coop wearing anything out of the ordinary, like a uniform or big pink chenille bathrobe (ask my housesitter) to scare him. He might benefit from being placed in a bachelor pad until he settles down.

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