How to check and see if your Emu eggs are fertile. HINT.

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    Ok, I have not raise Raties in over 15 years, I was 13 when I started to raise Emus, Rheas, and Ostriches. We raised them for about 5 years. We came across a trick that we used and I want to see if anyone dose the same.

    We weighed the eggs before they were set in the incubator. Lets say the egg is 400g before it goes into the incubator. then a few weeks later, you weigh it again, and if it weight between 397 or 403g, its not fertile, the developing bones and meat in the egg will add weight to the egg so you should see a greater difference in weight. Now if you have an emu egg with a crack, that changes everything, it will ruin your egg.

    anyone else do this?>
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    Hummm.... I'll have to weigh my other egg.
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    I was always understanding they loose weight by loss of water. they should looes 20% of their weight by hatchtime right?
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    We float them in warm water to see if the chick moves the egg.

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