How to check for mites, etc.

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    Mar 6, 2011
    I am going to be given an Ameraucana chicken in a couple of weeks and I know I am supposed to keep her separate for a couple of weeks and watch to make sure she is healthy. One thing I know I am supposed to check for is mites. How do you check for that? Also, are mites the same as lice? Are there any other pests that I should be keeping an eye out for that could be on her?

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    Here's info on mites & lice.

    You would check them by looking at the skin, under the feathers, especially around the vent, under the wings, and between the legs.

    It is usually recommended to quarantine for a month.

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    Check out this link to know what Scaly Leg mites look like (great picture and less severe than what you would see in a general web search).

    I bought in two hens and am struggling to rid them of leg mites. I would have not bought them if I knew how tough it is to remove these type of mites.

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